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APRIL 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 69 rial density to ensure that the printed image will meet the target resistor value range. And due to the printing and curing complexity for printed thick-film resistors, the printed board fabricator will prefer applying only one resis- tor base value material onto a single substrate layer. If the fabricator can use an inkjet-type of deposition process, however, they will have greater latitude in applying two or more base value resistive ink compounds onto a single circuit layer. Although the thick-film resistor forming process has a long history and remains a popular, low-cost solu- tion for embedding, many PCB fab- rication companies may not offer this capability. is is because thick-film resistor forming is considered a wet process requiring controlled storing, careful mixing, printing and curing operations. PCB fabricators that do offer embedded resistor capability will oen prefer to adopt alternative thin-film processing solutions. In Part 2, I will review the materi- als, design rules, and process param- eters for embedding formed thin-film resistors. DESIGN007 Vern Solberg is an independent technical consultant, specializ- ing in SMT and microelectronics design and manufacturing tech- nology. To read past columns or contact Solberg, click here. Figure 3: Laser trim system equipped with flying probe contactors. (Source: PPI Systems) Linde and Bluefors have joined forces to create cooling solutions for large-scale quantum comput- ers. Linde is contributing its vast experience as the world leader in large cryogenic installations. Blue- fors brings to the table its ultra-low temperature interface needed for quantum computing. Their combined effort supports this emerging industry by ensuring cryogenics are ready for the next steps in large-scale quantum computing, in terms of cooling power, efficiency and robustness. In the initial phase of the partnership, the companies focused on identifying how the technologies work best together. Currently, both partners are collaborating on implementing the results to get their joint product ready for market. "After our first meetings, it was clear to both Blue- fors and Linde that this was a perfect match for the next phases," said Rob Blaauwgeers, CEO of Bluefors. Quantum computers have the potential for com- putational power that is unattainable by current computers. They can operate exponentially faster than conventional computers and could, thereby, be the solution to today's insurmountable prob- lems. Cryogenics is a critical component in harness- ing this quantum power and the ability to cool down large-scale quantum circuits is essential. Together, Linde and Bluefors have embraced this challenge to ensure that the next stage in cryogenics is ready and able to meet this need. (Source: PRNewswire) Linde, Bluefors to Develop Cryogenic Cooling Solutions for Large-scale Quantum Computing Technology

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