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72 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 Delivering the required power to each com- ponent on a PCB can be a complex challenge. Designers must manage converting AC to DC while also delivering the correct voltage and current to each component. A well-designed PCB results when the designer takes power supply seriously—paying close attention to the effects that power delivery can have on sur- rounding components, such as through heat management or signal interference. Maintaining Power Quality and Integrity e International Electrotechnical Commis- sion defines power quality as: A set of parameters defining the properties of the power supply as delivered to the user in nor- mal operating conditions in terms of continuity of supply and characteristics of voltage (magni- tude, equency, waveform). No matter how well designed your power supply is, it can only control the quality of volt- age. It cannot control the current that various loads might draw. Power integrity is achieved when the qual- ity of power delivered to a circuit remains con- stant and predictable. For a circuit to achieve its desired performance, it needs power to be effectively transferred from the power supply The Power Behind the (PCB) Throne— Power Supply Design Tips Connect the Dots by Matt Stevenson, SUNSTONE CIRCUITS

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