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92 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 Exciting news! is column marks the launch of a series of columns diving into semi- additive PCB (SAP) manufacturing processes. We will explore topics ranging from SWaP (space, weight, and packaging) benefits, signal integrity benefits, materials characterization, reliability testing, and even the search to find a calculator that is compatible with straight conductor sidewalls and line width and space at 1.0 mil and below. Although more people are becoming famil- iar with the term SAP, specifically as it relates to PCB manufacturing, this technology is new to most people. It seems that mSAP (modified semi-additive processes) make headlines for enabling volume consumer applications such as our smartphones, to be produced with roughly 35-micron feature sizes. Yet we have not heard a lot about semi-additive PCB processes for applications outside of this specific market. Additive Electronics— Next Generation PCB Capabilities PCB Talk by Tara Dunn, AVERATEK

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