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16 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 danger of using China as the sole supplier of many components. Another issue concerning our offshore trade balance is the number of container ships sitting offshore in Southern California. I routinely see 20–30 cargo ships every week out on the wa- ter. Not only is the economic impact more vis- ibly striking, but the delays in unloading these ships creates a supply chain problem. Politics aside, I believe there is a slippery slope in the West if we don't encourage busi- nesses to invest and bring some manufactur- ing home, particularly those that are high technology and/or military related. We are in an economic contest that we cannot afford to lose. I believe in free and fair trade where we all play and abide by the same rules. ose that don't should not enjoy the benefits of our market. is article hasn't even addressed the issue of industrial espionage, reverse engineering, disregard for intellectual property, spying, and the alleged implanting of devices that in some fashion are able to keep track and disseminate private and confidential information. Proper business ethics and regard for human values are paramount. Certainly I am not qualified to address this complex subject with the same vast knowledge of others, but at my age, I have seen how we as a country have placed profit over the issue of fair trade. We must address excessive regu- lations, tax issues, and investment encourage- ment to allow our manufacturing industry to compete fairly and more competitively. PCB007 Richard Crowe is chairman of Burkle North America. I think that this is going to be a tough question for anyone to answer. We do not really see a "shortage" in the market, but rather a tightening of supply as copper pric- es continue to increase. ED foil is made from scrap copper wire, which is still plentiful in the U.S. I cannot comment on the availability in other regions. e U.S. exports scrap wire to Asia so the ongoing delays in ocean freight may be contributing to some additional delays in the foreign markets. is may impact cop- per cathode availability as well. PCB007 Michael Coll is COO at Denkai America Inc. How long is the copper shortage anticipated to last? A Q

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