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26 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson interviews three members of the Mycronic team about test and inspection, data collection, and how the implementation of artificial intelligence continues to evolve. In this conversation, Johnson speaks with Alex- ia Vey, inspection products product manager; Yan Manissadjian, a member of the marketing department; and Jesse Dowd, vice president of global sales. Nolan Johnson: Let's talk about test and inspec- tion, especially the implementation of AI in the process. But before we do, would you ex- plore the customer pain points you're working to solve at Mycronic? Yan Manissadjian: You mentioned AI and that's really a burning issue. Not AI for the sake of AI, but for making our systems, our equip- ment, and our technology more user-friend- ly, more automated, faster to be used, and able to be implemented in any kind of production line. Here, AI has all its value, and we are real- ly putting a lot of effort into that. Our SPI has been developed upon machine learning tech- nologies, and we started integrating AI in our AOI soware two years ago to simplify pro- gramming. Our customers are seeing the value of that daily, with an easier and faster SPI and AOI programming, and this confirms we are making progress in that direction. User friend- liness, ease of use, and fast implementation are hot topics for our customers. Johnson: It sounds like that has been a primary focus of the development work here in the past couple of years. Is that true, Alexia? Alexia Vey: Exactly. Especially for AOI. SPI, of course, is easier than AOI. We just inspect some little things. We directly introduced a very us- er-friendly SPI machine seven years ago. e effort for the past few years has been more fo- cused on AOI programming, which is a more complicated subject. is is our focus. Over Where AI Meets Test and Inspection

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