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34 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson dives into test and inspec- tion with Bob Neves of Microtek Laboratories China. From his perspective running a test lab, Neves shares his view on the current issues for contract manufacturers regarding test and in- spection. Over the course of this conversation, Neves discusses the effect of the current supply chain on testing practices, factory automation, the collection an analysis of data, and more. For all the automation and data collection pos- sible, Neves points out, it still comes back to the people. Nolan Johnson: Bob, from your perspective, what are the current issues for assembly, as well as fabs as it applies to assembly. Bob Neves: With fabs, it continues to be be- tween via reliability and the long-term iso- lation, CAF, or electrochemical migration. ose are the things that never go away. e two primary functions of the printed circuit board are to move current where you want it to go and keep it from where you don't. ose are the two primary functions and tend to be in people's focus. Microvia technology seems to be chang- ing. Everybody thought microvia were bul- letproof, but as microvias structures have be- come more aggressive and with multiple layers and interconnecting geometries, things start- ed to happen. ey're not as bulletproof as they used to be when they were just one or two layers. ere's a lot of effort trying to under- stand what's going on with microvia issues and CAF; it's just a long-term thing. ey're the people who need long-term reliability. ey're really concerned about it—those in automo- tive, communications, space—they're all very interested in long-term capital liability. I've got over 30 humidity chambers at Microtek China with a team of about 12 people and that's all they do; their entire occupation is just doing CAF for customers. e expectations are getting longer and the Market Changes Require Re-evaluating Your Testing Processes

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