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64 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 As new technology and methods have emerged, companies in the electronics manu- facturing field now have new options to con- sider for improving their best practices. ese practices have helped influence the design of new equipment with ground-breaking capabil- ities. One recent industry advancement is the design of feeders with built-in OLED screens. is innovation helps create a pre-inspection stage that allows for operators to review com- ponents before they enter the machine. By having pre-inspection capability at the feed- er stage, companies running in-house equip- ment can avoid manufacturing hiccups before they occur—providing better turnover and less downtime. Avoid Production Mistakes: Innovative Feeders with Built-in Displays Before feeders with built-in displays hit the market, it was up to operators to use compo- nent counters for determining the reel infor- mation. Now, that information is stored di- rectly and constantly updated within the feed- er itself. ese new feeders allow operators to review component quantities on reels, feed- New Feeder Design for Eliminating Errors Prior to Placement The Mannifest by Emmalee Gagnon, MANNCORP Figure 1: View component quantities, feeder slot locations, part numbers and values, and more on the built-in display.

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