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76 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2021 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson speaks with Christopher Cain from Keysight Technologies, who is pas- sionate about a relatively new product and the market drivers leading up to the development of this solution. Nolan Johnson: We're talking about best prac- tices and strategies for testing and inspection. e motivation for this was a relatively new product Keysight announced that performs massively parallel board test and inspection. Let's talk about the market drivers leading up to the development of that solution. What are the pain points the customer faces? And how is the industry changing to make room for mas- sively parallel testing inspection? Christopher Cain: Absolutely. Our target cus- tomers are typically those that do very high- volume electronic assemblies. is solution is meant to test an electronic assembly to make sure that it's been assembled, the parts are functioning, the soldered joints are okay, and it programs. Almost everything today has a pro- cessor and associated programming code that must be installed in manufacturing. e first instance of that soware is so that the machine Keysight's Massively Parallel Board Test

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