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DECEMBER 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 117 by Barry Matties Recently, I met with Drew, and we discussed his plans. Drew is currently a high school stu- dent, and he is just beginning his career plan- ning. Here is a transcript of our conversation, edited slightly for clarity. If you have any advice or tips you'd like to share with Drew, please click here and we will be sure to pass it on to him. Barry Matties: What type of engineering are you interested in? Drew: I'm not sure what field of engineering I'd be interested in. I enjoy diagnosing issues and fixing them. Something that would focus on that. Barry: So, when you think about your career, how do you want to spend your career? Do you want more time in front of a computer screen? More time in a manufacturing facility working on improving processes, or perhaps more time traveling to different locations? Drew: I would absolutely love to be very hands on and travel, but I am not shy in front of a com- puter and have worked as a tech assistant in multiple classrooms in my school. Given the choice I would prefer a more tactile career and I think the travel would be a great perk. Barry: Are you more interested in software, electrical, or mechanical? Drew: I would be very happy with a career in any of these fields. But in order of interest, I would rank them: 1. Mechanical 2. Electrical 3. Software Barry: What sort of annual salary are you hop- ing to reach? Drew: Six figures would be ideal. Barry: Are you planning to go to college? And if so, have you thought about a major yet? Drew: Yes, I am planning on going to college. As far as majors go, I'm not sure what would suit me the best in my engineering path. Barry: I am curious, what is your strongest sub- ject in school? And what sort of grades do you get? Drew: My strongest subject is math, by far. On my most recent end-of-course test, I scored the highest in my school. However, I excel in most other subjects. English may be an exception to this, but I still score far above average in this subject. Barry: Thank you, Drew. Good luck to you in your career. Drew: Thank you, Barry. PCB007 Meet Drew, a Student With an Interest in STEM

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