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20 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson meets with Damien Boureau and Alexandre Camus of Altix to discuss direct imaging, what's currently happening in that marketplace, and how the solution and demand for characteristics vary by region. Nolan Johnson: Let's start with a quick thumb- nail on your background and your role at Altix. Damien Boureau: I'm R&D director, heading all the R&D projects for the company. In my team, we work together with different experts in micromechanics in optics, soware, elec- tronics, optoelectronics, and so on. I have a master's degree in optics and lasers, and have been working in the PCB industry, especially in machine manufacturing, since 1998. Alexandre Camus: I take care of the marketing. I'm still rather new in the company. I used to be in China in the food import/export indus- try, and before that I was in the fitness industry. Johnson: anks. Let's discuss what's currently happening in the marketplace with respect to direct imaging. From your perspective, what's happening in the market? Boureau: Yes, that's a large subject. e direct imaging market now is really mature. I say that because I've seen the stats of direct imaging in the 1990s, and in the '90s it was quite diffi- cult to have an application in PCB shops with direct imaging. Now, the market is mature; you can say that roughly 60% of the customers in Europe and in the U.S. who are equipped with direct imaging equipment are working with direct imaging equipment not only for outer layer applications, but also for inner layers. ey may be working with dry resist or with ink, but more and more, they are including sol- der mask applications. e market is growing in these kinds of applications. e new equipment is bringing more power, thanks to high-power additives. We can also multiply the number of DMDs (digital micromirror device) inside the equip- ment, which makes the product more produc- Direct Imaging: Stitching Together Key Markets with Altix

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