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12 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team We recently spoke with Dave Torp, CEO of Winonics, about the company's additive and semi-additive processes and what PCB design- ers need to know if they're considering design- ing boards with these new technologies. As Dave explains, additive design is not much dif- ferent from traditional design, but the steps in the design cycle are out of order, and additive designers must communicate with their fabri- cators because so much of the new processes are still proprietary. Andy Shaughnessy: Dave, give us some back- ground on Winonics and your focus on addi- tive and semi-additive processes. Dave Torp: Additive Circuits Technologies is the parent company, which owns two com- panies. One is Winonics, a rigid circuit board company. e other is a flexible circuit board company called Bench 2 Bench Technologies. Winonics is ISO-9001, AS9100, and ITAR-reg- istered. We have a 52,000 square-foot facility in Brea, California. Bench 2 Bench has a 25,000 square-foot facility, located about 10 minutes away in Fullerton. From the holistic view, our focus is in the high-reliability electronics market. We focus on the aerospace, defense, and the medical device electronics. Our competitive anchor is providing great service. We don't really put too many boundaries on what we do. Simply put, we're a technology realization company. We have process patents for applying cir- cuitry and metallization in an additive tech- nology. We also have some trade secrets that ADDITIVE DESIGN: Same Steps, Different Order

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