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APRIL 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 21 tion they're doing, in a very, very small space. ere are not a lot of folks who can deliver that type of technology. Until that level of technology gets embedded into the mainstream, it will be very difficult. Most of the technology, as Happy knows, is coming out of Asia Pacific, with some coming out of Europe. In the U.S., we're a little behind the curve from a manufacturing standpoint. Holden: It's interesting to see that Nan Ya is going to invest something like $600 million to expand for ABF substrate. Are you working with the ABF film? Torp: Yes, we're playing around with it and having some success, but we have more to do before we build a construct completely on the ABF film. It's similar to what we're doing on the polyimide. Matties: Dave, this has been great. ank you. Torp: ank you all. DESIGN007 by Dan Beaulieu Editor's note: I-Connect007 col- umnist Dan Beaulieu focuses his weekly column on helping elec- tronics companies enhance their professional and technical image. In this column, he takes an inward look at how com- panies can upskill their employees into leadership positions. As we know, the biggest challenge facing any business today, no matter the industry, is the lack of good, qualified people. An even bigger challenge than that is finding people to lead those we already have on board. There are just not enough good leaders today. Notice I did not say managers; I expressly said "leaders" because there is a huge difference. Man- agers manage people while leaders not only man- age people but inspire them as well. A great leader creates a clear and concise vision of where the company and her team are headed. They spend a lot of time, in fact most of their time, with their team helping them to see the vision and then inspiring them to do their best to achieve that mission. Here's what I see about great leaders. • Great leaders inspire • Great leaders create visions • Great leaders motivate their team to go the extra mile • Great leaders show the way step by step • Great leaders are great teachers and mentors • Great leaders create a circle or trust with their team • Great leaders have high values and pass those values on to their team • Great leaders create passion in their teams • Great leaders attract the best people • Great leaders bring out the best in the people they lead • Great leaders create great leaders That's the thing I want to talk about today: devel- oping great leaders. Just as it has become more difficult to find good people, it is that much more difficult to find good leaders. To meet that challenge, companies have been forced to develop their own, to develop them organically. In my opinion, this is the best way to go. As I have mentioned several times in this column, I have been looking for ways to help companies with their labor challenges. I have been watching webinars and reading books about creating great teams through great leadership by people much smarter than me. I read at least six books about leadership and then came across a very good book the subject by famous industry guru John Maxwell. His book titled Great Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Founda- tion for Successful Leadership, has this excellent section on how to develop leaders. The following guidelines (in my own words) were inspired by John Maxwell's book. To read the rest of this column, click here. It's Only Common Sense How to Develop Great Leaders

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