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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES Calumet on Additive and Semi-Additive Design Interview with Todd Brassard and Meredith LaBeau FEATURE COLUMNS Burning Questions About Designing for SAP by Tara Dunn Designing for the SAP Fabrication Process by Barry Olney The Digital Transformation of Advanced Additive Electronics by David Wiens FEATURE INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES Additive Design: Same Steps, Different Order Interview with Dave Torp Designing Additive and Semi-Additive PCBs by Cherie Litson Additive Manufacturing Requires Additive Design Techniques by Luca Gautero Designing PCBs With Additive Traces by Tomas Chester APRIL 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS Additive Design: The Same, but Different As today's shrinking geometries push the limits of traditional fab methods, you need an ace up your sleeve more than ever. Additive processes may be your best bet. This month's issue of Design007 Magazine focuses on how readers can get started designing additive and semi-additive PCBs, and how the design process for additive technology differs from that of traditional subtractive processes. 60 36 44 50 12 22 26 32

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