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64 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 LaBeau: You're going to have some capitaliza- tion costs, but I don't think your operating costs will change that much by the time you get it into a production environment. Brassard: ere are challenges to overcome in learning additive manufacturing. Like anything new, it's about many iterations, and learning from each failure and success. Many iterations and working with amazing engineering teams at OEM and supply chain partners. Being a few years into the process, Calumet Electronics has gained the know-how. Next, it's scaling capac- ity to start meeting some of the needs of the domestic market. Calumet is exactly the type of small business that the DoD wants to be strong and thriving in the defense and commercial markets. e DoD would like to see many PCB shops with high technology manufacturing capabilities to provide redundancy, reduce risk, and reduce cost through competition. But I'll say it again: e U.S. government and DoD need to help jump start the U.S. electronics manufactur- ing industry—not just the chips, but the entire ecosystem. Matties: Some of the partnerships with the OEMs come in, and they fund a lot of this. Are you seeing that co-op? LaBeau: Not at the level we would like to see just yet. Brassard: Nothing gets the attention of OEMs like supply chain shortages or disruptions. As demand continues to increase for complex technologies to be produced in the U.S., the urgent need may drive more and better fund- ing opportunities. Matties: I've seen in the past where they have funded equipment. LaBeau: ey can, but oen a shop can only use the equipment on the OEM's work. is is not especially helpful in building a strong shop. Perhaps it's more effective at a larger scale. Matties: ank you both for your time. is has been great. Brassard: ank you. Always a pleasure. DESIGN007 Amazon Web Services and Boeing announced an expanded relationship that extends the aerospace leader's existing cloud operations and streamlines Boeing's approach to cloud computing. Boeing will migrate applications out of on-premises data cen- ters to AWS and create a technology foundation that will strengthen engineering and manufacturing processes. Beyond the cloud relationship, Amazon Air has grown its fleet to more than 110 Boeing air- craft to facilitate the movement of goods to Amazon customers worldwide. Boeing is a leading global manufacturer of air- planes and space systems, with aerospace engi- neering at the heart of its operations for more than 100 years. This collaboration with AWS expands the company's current cloud operations and allows Boeing to take advantage of AWS's scalable, power- efficient, and high-performing infrastructure, as well as its industry-leading cloud services, including high performance computing (HPC). "Boeing and AWS share a builder culture and are committed to using advanced technologies to take on the most ambitious engineering feats like devel- oping new sustainable energy sources and inter- planetary human travel. Together, we will deliver more powerful, sustainable, and efficient aero- space design, engineering, and management solu- tions that will help Boeing customers today and in future aerospace travel," said Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amazon Web Services. (Source: Business Wire) Boeing, AWS Join Forces to Transform Aerospace Design and Manufacturing

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