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84 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 is month, I continue my series on how resins are currently playing a vital role in the modern world, while also offering an insight into their thermal conductivity, suitability for RF applications, and exploring a new era of bio-based encapsulation resins that not only improve the environment at large, but also end-use reliability and increased consumer satisfaction. 1. Thermally conductive encapsulation resins: Why would you use one of these over a conventional thermal paste or TIM? ermal pastes are oen applied between heat-generating components and heat sinks to maximise heat transfer, improve device reli- ability, and extend lifetime. is is due to their high thermal conductivity values and, when applied as a thin bond line, they exhibit low thermal resistance. By applying a thin, uniform layer of a thermal interface material, it is pos- sible to obtain the maximum efficiency of heat dissipation. It is also important to consider the operating temperature conditions; in the case of LEDs where devices are switched on and off regularly, this results in the unit going through a thermal cycle, heating up once switched on and cooling again when powered down. Over the lifetime of the product, many thermal cycles take place, and this may affect the posi- Turn Down the Heat, Go Green on Resins Sensible Design by Beth Turner, ELECTROLUBE

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