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© 2022 MacDermid, Inc. and its group of companies. All rights reserved. "(R)" and "TM" are registered trademarks or trademarks of MacDermid, Inc. and its group of companies in the United States and/or other countries. Whatever flexible electronics you design, MacDermid Alpha can take you to the next level. Easy to operate, universal direct metallization coating processes for designs utilizing polyimide and exotic materials. SHADOW / BLACKHOLE Zero internal stress electroless copper for excellent adhesion on flex and rigid-flex multilayer designs. VIA DEP 4450 Direct metallization processes with reduced copper etch for fine line HDI and mSAP designs under 30/30 microns line/space. BLACKHOLE LE / ECLIPSE LE Family of semi-additive processes for metallization of emerging technologies such as chip-on-flex and adhesion on flex materials with revolutionary nickel tie coat bonding process. SYSTEK SAP AND SAP FLEX

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