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76 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2022 Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 We recently held a roundtable with a team of printed electronic circuit experts from companies that run the gamut: John Lee and Kevin Miller of Insulectro, Mike Wagner of Butler Technologies, Tom Bianchi of East- print, and John Voultos of Sheldahl Flexible Technologies. In this first part of the roundtable, the partic- ipants dispel 10 common myths that have been floating around regarding printed electronic circuits (PEC). ey also discuss the progress that's been made in PEC development in just the past decade, and what the future may hold for this technology. Andy Shaughnessy: Welcome to the printed electronics roundtable. How about a quick introduction? John, why don't you go first? John Lee: I oversee Insulectro marketing and brand strategy for both the PCB side of our business and the printed electronics side. Mike Wagner: I serve in two roles: chief opera- tions officer and chief innovation officer for Butler Technologies. We're located in west- ern Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. We design and manufacture graphic overlays, membrane switches, and other printed electronics, and we have a big focus on flexible wearable technology. Tom Bianchi: I'm a vice president and managing partner of Eastprint. We have factories here in North Andover, Massachusetts and Juarez, Mexico, manufacturing human-machine inter- faces, keypad assemblies, and various types of printed electronics, whether it be a wearable patch or a screen-printed electrode. John Voultos: I'm glad to be here, and I think most of the characters on this call know me. I'm the vice president of business develop- ment for Sheldahl Flexible Technologies. I've been with the company over five years. Prior to that, I had 29 years with DuPont. Kevin Miller: I am VP of national sales at Insulec- tro and have been with them for 28 years. I The Printed Electronics Roundtable, Part 1

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