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62 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2022 We oen discuss the emergence of artifi- cial intelligence in terms of how it will save us, or if movies are to be believed, how it might terminate us. e countless annoyances AIs inject into our daily lives can make us won- der: Do they already have a plan? We need to adequately consider context vs. privacy when deciding how to integrate AI technology into our lives, especially within our factories. Picture this: Aer a quick search on the inter- net, I bought a pair of golfing gloves. Big mis- take. Advertising AIs across the globe imme- diately inundated me with hundreds of golf- AIs Without Context Are Dumb related recommendations. Golf gloves, clubs, balls, socks, markers, books, weekend get- aways—all a complete waste of not only data storage and energy, but also my time. I have no interest in golf whatsoever; the gloves were a present for a friend. e lesson here is that AIs oen fail to work effectively because they lack adequate context. Marketing divisions pay good money to push billions of targeted ads each day, justifying the cost for that one-in-a- million hit. But all of us, along with the envi- ronment, are the ones who are really paying the price. Smart Factory Insights by Michael Ford, AEGIS SOFTWARE

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