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IPC COMMUNITY 62 FALL 2023 Zhang Shun, a student from Guangzhou Mar- itime University, said, "I am very grateful to TTM and IPC for providing me with such a great internship opportunity. During my six-month internship at TTM, I learned many professional skills and gained a clearer career plan. It was a rich and enjoyable internship." After receiving first prize in the IPC Asia Scholars Program, he said, "This wonderful memory will motivate me to continue my efforts in learning." IPC Asia Education Partnership Program In addition to collaborating with compa- nies, the IPC Asia Talent Development Program works closely with institutions of higher edu- cation. Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic and Zhongshan Technician College, for example, have joined the IPC Asia Education Partner- ship Program. Through this program, students from these institutions learn to understand international IPC standards and obtain inter- national IPC certification during their stud- ies, laying a solid foundation for their future career paths. It also strengthens the connec- tion between IPC and the institutions, which allows them to expand their course content to better meet industry demands and engage in communication and cooperation with mem- ber companies. At the same time, the program provides member companies with a group of outstanding talent, injecting new vitality into the sustainable development of the industry. Student Training Programs IPC Asia has launched student training pro- grams, with participation from 70 students at four institutions. IPC Asia invites professors from the institutions to give lectures, answer questions, and incorporate many industry best practices. Through these training programs, students not only broaden their professional knowledge but engage in in-depth exchanges with professors from universities and experts in the industry. This enhances their compet- itiveness in the electronics industry while obtaining international certification. More to Come Under the guidance of the IPC Asia Educa- tion Steering Committee, the IPC Asia Talent Development Program continues to expand, with the aim of cultivating more outstand- ing talent and contributing to the prosper- ity of the industry. The program will expand its internship programs and student training projects, providing more students with prac- tical opportunities and professional training resources. Additionally, IPC Asia actively seeks to establish educational partner- ships with more outstanding institutions as a way to promote knowledge and industry innovation. The successful implementation of the IPC Asia Talent Development Program is not only significant for the personal growth of students, but it injects fresh energy into the entire industry. IPC Asia will continue collaborating with more professionals in a drive toward a sustain- able future. The program provides member companies with a group of outstanding talent, injecting new vitality into the sustainable development of the industry.

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