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IPC COMMUNITY 67 FALL 2023 3. Board members are eager to share insightful advice. While the actual board meetings are infre- quent and time-constrained to discuss topics most important to the organization's direc- tion, I have tried to extract as much informa- tion as possible from the directors outside the board meetings. Their advice is rich with industry and career insights that any young professional should hear. Here are some of the things they've told me: • Say yes. • Stay humble. • Never lose your creativity. • Add value wherever you can add value. • Great communication leads to success. • Give yourself permission to make mistakes. • Try to find ways to take weight from others. • Don't be afraid to ask questions. • Participate in industry organizations. • Leadership is about finding solutions to help the team be successful. • The biggest risk you took in life is the one you didn't take. • Make sure you work for someone who will be a mentor, not a boss. • Create an environment where success for you means success for your employer. Three words that indicate success to me: Passion perseverance progress Best book I've read in the past year: Atomic Habits by James Clear Favorite outdoor activity: Both water and snow skiing Research focus: Bioimpedance, digital health, and wearable health monitors. My Ph.D. thesis aims to pilot a new way to measure blood pressure without using an inflatable cuff. Biggest inspiration: From my earliest days on campus, Richard Brown, dean of the University of Utah's John and Marcia Price College of Engineering, has been both a mentor and a steadfast supporter, consistently encouraging me to raise my personal limits to new heights. Fun Facts 2. The old guard is changing. Simple demographics are part of the stra- tegic emphasis on maintaining the workforce pipeline into the industry. Like many indus- tries, electronics manufacturing has a cohort of leaders who have contributed at a high level for decades. As these leaders consider riding off into the sunset, they seek to impart as much knowledge as possible and find people to fill their shoes. My experience has shown me there isn't a better time to be a young, hungry newcomer to the industry. I have found that many of the seasoned veterans are more than willing to meet with me and share their hard-earned knowledge. Meredith Labeau, CTO of Calumet Electronics, told me, "Play dumb and ask lots of questions. You will be amazed at how much you will learn." Henry and his wife Amy enjoyed touring Puerto Rico during the IPC Board meeting this past summer. Electronics website, they listen. The highest leaders of IPC have a focused goal to attract the next generation of electronics manufac- turing professionals and leaders, and that goal isn't unique to the board of directors. Every level of IPC values the input of young profes- sionals, students, and newcomers.

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