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46 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2023 When we talk to members of our industry, they frequently share that they're struggling to attract a new workforce for the next gener- ation. Options in non-manufacturing careers are seemingly cleaner, with perhaps better pay and more flexible schedules. We're learning that the younger generation has some negative views of manufacturing as well as an unaware- ness of the opportunities. In this interview, Hannah Nelson, a validation engineer at Texas Instruments, shares what she's learned since graduating this past spring, what was impor- tant to her in a career, and tips for employers looking to hire members of Gen Z. Barry Matties: Hannah, what used to be your view of manufacturing, and is your view different now? Hannah Nelson: I used to think that manufac- turing had super long hours, no flexibility, con- stant night shis, and a boss that didn't really care about you. But now that I'm working in a manufacturing type role, I've realized that it really depends on the employer. Where I'm working now, I get those flexible hours and I get to be involved in the community. I feel like my work is both purposeful and challenging. Overall, it's a much different environment than I would have ever expected it to be. Matties: How did college prepare you for the realities of a career? Was there a gap between school and reality? What I've realized are the ways that school doesn't prepare you for the workforce. School hammers you constantly with assignments. Hiring for Today's Manufacturing Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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