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78 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2023 Last month, columnist Aidan Salvi addressed the business case for implementing Factory 4.0. In this month's column Salvy discusses Factory 5.0, the next evolutionary stage in the manufacturing industry. While Factory 4.0 was all about robotics, Factory 5.0 builds on the principles of Industry 4.0 by emphasizing human-centric collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability. Tribal knowledge is important and quite common in the electron- ics manufacturing industry—for good reason. Many engineers, techni- cians, and operators have formed their careers around building PCBs. Some even worked alongside the founding fathers of electronics. Newer, young minds stand on the shoulders of this knowledge base. As a process engineer, I work with operators who have been coating panels with solder mask longer than I've been alive. Some know the exact coating parame- ters required for the toughest of designs. Oved Shapira spoke with Barry Matties and Nolan Johnson about how advanced packaging will influence the industry. He said it will shift everything, including design, fabrication, assembly techniques, and capital equipment development. Some of these shifts might be subtle, and others more seismic. Whatever the changes, Oved says it's coming. Facing the Future: Looking Ahead at Factory 5.0 The New Chapter: The Pros and Cons of Tribal Knowledge Pivoting on Substrates TOP TEN EDITOR'S PICKS The practical question around CHIPS Act development and electronics assembly is, "Will this change how we do busi- ness?" Indium Corporation's Dr. Andy Mackie sat down with Nolan Johnson to share what he sees as emerging answers to that question from his perspective as an expert in elec- tronics assembly and packaging, and as a participant in standards development through IPC, JEDEC, and SEMI. The End of Solder? Aidan Salvi

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