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32 SMT Magazine • June 2014 the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and the Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG). SMT References 1. G. Hanreich, M. Mayer, M. Mündlein, J. Nicolics, "Thermal Investigation of GaAs Mi- crowave Power Transistors," Journal of Micro- electronics and Electronic Packaging, 2004, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 1–8. 2. L. Zhou, B. An, Y. Wu, S. Liu, "Analysis of delamination and darkening in high power LED packaging," 16 th IEEE Int. Symp. on the Physi- cal and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits, IPFA 2009, 6-10 July 2009, pp. 656–660. 3. P.Z. Shi, P. Arulvanan, A.C.W. Lu, "Ther- mal Performance Evaluation of Power SSL Mod- ule in LTCC," 9 th Electronics Packaging Technol- ogy Conference, EPTC 2007, 10–12 Dec. 2007, pp. 285–288. 4. J. Nicolics, M. Franz, V.L. Deepak, G. Weichslberger, "Innovative printed circuit board technology for heat removal with application to power LED based operating room lamps," Proc. of 32 nd Int. Spring Seminar on Electronics Tech - nology, ISSE 2009, 13–17 May 2009, pp. 1–7. 5. 2.5D-technology ® by AT&S AG. 6. P. Krivic, P. Fulmek, F.-P. Wenzl, Ch. Som- mer, P. Hartmann, P. Pachler, H. Hoschopf, G. Langer, J. Nicolics, "A comprehensive study on thermal issues of phosphor converted light-emit- ting diodes," 2 nd LED professional Symposium +Expo, LpS 2012, Bregenz, Austria, 25–27 Sept. 2012, pp. 28–35. 7. M. Weilguni, J. Nicolics, R. Medek, M. Franz, G. Langer, F. Lutschounig, "Characteriza- tion of the Thermal Impedance of High-Power LED Assembly based on Innovative Printed Cir- cuit Board Technology," IEEE Proc. of 33 nd Int. Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, ISSE 2010, 12–16 May 2010, Warsaw, Poland, pp. 238–244. 8. A. C. West, C.-C. Cheng, B. C. Baker, "Pulse Reverse Copper Electrodeposition in High Aspect Ratio Trenches and Vias,"J. Electrochem. Soc. 1998, 145(9), pp. 3070–3074. CliCk To View Video Interview ray prasad of ray prasad Consulting Group discusses the development of ipC-7530, ipC-7093, and ipC-7095. as he explains to editor kelly dack, the latter two standards are dependent upon ipC-7530. Ray Prasad: The Importance of IPC-7530 by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2014 ADvAnCeD THeRMAL MAnAgeMenT SOLuTIOnS continues feaTure

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