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74 SMT Magazine • June 2014 SMTonline Supplier/new Product news Highlights AIM Solder Develops nC520 no Clean Solder Pastes nC520 is a no clean, halogen-free solder paste de- signed for the most demanding high-density elec- tronic assemblies. It offers excellent wetting, im- proved printing, and reduced voiding. The solder's wetting ability results in bright, smooth, and shiny solder joints. Consistent transfer efficiencies reduce head-in-pillow defects even when component/sub- strate co-planarity is not optimal. MyDATA Debuts new My600 Jet Printer "we're delighted to introduce this high-performance platform to customers struggling to mount difficult components using classic dispenser technology or screen printers," says robert Gothner, senior vp and gM. "The My600 is up to 10 times faster than a dis - penser and, like its predecessor, shoots paste with high precision on the fly—something no one else can achieve." Techspray expands Cleaner Product Line Techspray introduced two new defluxers into their Techspray renew eco-dfluxer inline and batch clean - er product line: eco-dfluxer SMT200 and eco-dfluxer SMT300. These new products offer increased clean- ing performance, better metals compatibility, and re- duced environmental impact. nordson ASyMTeK President to Join IPC SMeMA Council peter bierhuis, president of nordson aSyMTek, has been invited to join the ipC Surface Mount equip- ment Manufacturers association Council (SMeMa). "I have been actively involved in the electronics in- dustry for many years and have seen the valuable role that ipC and SMeMa play. i am looking forward to making whatever contribution I can to the group and the industry," said beirhuis. ACe to Acquire gPD global's Lead Tinning Business "This is a major step forward for our rapidly growing lead tinning business," said alan Cable, president of aCe production Technologies. "The acquisition will allow us to serve the GpD Global customer base pro - viding them with world-class lead tinning support to improve their solderability, mitigate tin whiskers, and eliminate gold embrittlement." Techspray Intros Fine-L-Kote AR Conformal Coating Techspray expands their conformal coating offering with fine-l-kote high Viscosity ar. This new prod- uct is now a part of the company's fine-l-kote line, which includes a wide assortment acrylic, silicone, and urethane coatings. Indium10.1 Offers Lowest voiding Levels indium Corporation's indium10.1 Solder paste is a lead-free, halogen-containing solder paste with the lowest levels of voiding for Qfns, bgas, and pads with large ground planes. The oxidation-inhibiting properties of Indium10.1 promote industry-leading head-in-pillow and graping resistance, with com - plete coalescence, even after long reflow profiles. Dymax Releases new Selector guide from conformal coatings and encapsulants to edge- bond materials and display lamination, Dymax Cor- poration provides innovative, solvent-free, uv light- curing technology solutions for smart connected device assembly. The company offers many cost-re- ducing solutions that turn problems like shadowed areas, cure confirmation, and production through- put into non-issues. Agilent Technologies Achieves new Certification agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that the agilent hdMi 2.0 test solution has been certified by the hdMi forum as an official compliance test tool. The solution has the widest coverage for hdMi phys - ical layer compliance test. Certification was achieved with the collaborative framework of panasonic; the solution will be used at the panasonic authorized Test Center, in osaka, japan. Manncorp enhances Dip Soldering; Debuts new Models new models of Manncorp's popular auto-dip series include features that take dip soldering technology to new levels of performance and reliability. while dip soldering of through-hole components has long been an easy and affordable way to automate manu- al soldering processes when the costs of wave solder- ing cannot be justified, these latest enhancements increase quality and repeatability to a degree that make auto-dip systems ideal for virtually any short- run, batch application. 74 SMT Magazine • June 2014

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