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June 2014 • SMT Magazine 81 Todd kramer is Ceo of Secure Components llC, an aS6081 & aS9120 certified independent distributor of electronic and mechanical components to the aerospace, defense, and high- reliability industries. To contact kramer or to read past columns, click here. DeTeRMInIng TeSTIng ReQuIReMenTS continues lection and vetting of a test house should be just as robust and vigorous." I believe Silverman's advice on this matter should be well considered by those in the in- dustry who are currently not ensuring that their Counterfeit Avoidance Plan includes a compre- hensive testing protocol and partner. I am re- minded of the advice we often give to our pro- spective clients who resist the idea that testing electronic components is essential in today's market, and claim it is too expensive and to do so would remove their ability to be competitive: Price is what you pay today, while cost is what you will live with every day after. Do not allow your organization to become a victim of the counterfeiters. Understand the need and the value that your firm can gain from investing in a policy that demands a testing protocol. Create a sales plan that is a tool used by your team to establish a client base who de- mands a quality product. This investment will protect you and your customer from exposure to criminals who are profiting from those orga- nizations that simply refuse to understand the realities of the current global electronic com- ponent marketplace. The benefits of a compre- hensive test report last forever and demonstrate your commitment to quality. SMT References 1. "Counterfeit Integrated Circuits: Detec- tion, Avoidance, and the Challenges Ahead," Ujjwal Guin, Daniel DiMase, and Mohammad Tehranipoor. 2. ANAB Accreditation Rule 36. CliCk To View Video Interview how was the show? Moder- ator pete Starkey and guests discuss the 2014 IpC apeX eXpo, held at Mandalay bay in Las vegas. Guests include Michael weinhold of the eipC, dan feinberg of p. kay Metal, and joe fjelstad of verdant electronics. IPC APeX eXPO Show Wrap-up by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2014 kraMer on CoMponenTS

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