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88 SMT Magazine • June 2014 edge protection features to the stencil. This cas- sette provides protective edge safety features and attachment points for the frame to grab the stencil cassette when mounting and tensioning. Another type of space-saving system is the QTS Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System. The system has two frames and a stencil. The user can change stencils and tension them quickly using adaptable components and compressed air. The system is an innovative approach to stencil mounting, tensioning, and storage, de- signed to save time, costs, shipping, and waste. Both VectorGuard and QTS are reusable and re- cyclable frame technologies that prioritize op- erator safety so that hazards typically associated with an operator's handling of thin sharp foils is minimized. Summary Although selecting a frame is important, and there are several options that should be considered, if you have a reputable stencil man- ufacturer, the chances of choosing the wrong frame is slim. A quick review of the stencil size, coupled with the frame request and other de- tails, are usually standard procedures for new stencil customers and on most orders. However, using the wrong frame can either directly affect the print and gasketing of the stencil or it will deem the stencil un-usable as it won't mount or fit into the printer. Yes, the printing process truly is complex. The frame is an important consideration and one you should think about when you initially select your stencil. With a little forethought and some help from your printer or stencil manu- facturer, you can look forward to a successful printing process. SMT SeLeCTIng A STenCIL FRAMe continues CoLuMn rachel Short is vice president of sales and marketing at photo Stencil llC. She may be reached via e-mail, or by phone at 719-304-4224. To read past columns, click here. CliCk To View I-Connect007 Panel Discussion Video Moderator: barbara kanegsberg, bfk Solutions panel: robert a. Lee, north american regional Manager, dupont; Michael konrad, president/Ceo, aqueous Technologies; and keith Swan, gM, Crystal Mark, inc. What's new in Cleaning? Sponsored by: Honeywell International, Inc.

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