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12 SMT Magazine • February 2015 by dr. Jennie S, Hwang CeO, H-TeCHnOlOgieS grOup SMT PrOSPeCTS & PerSPeCTIVeS Column New year Outlook: What Can We expect in 2015? Once again, it is the time to look at the year ahead. This is a relished tradition as I am on the spot to think more intensely about the next 12 months and then have the opportu- nity to cross-check my predictions 12 months later. My 2014 outlook was, by and large, on or close to target (Year-in-Review, December 2014). In this column, I will take a long view on mar- ket thrusts in the anticipated global economic landscape, as well as mega-technological trends in selected areas deemed timely and relevant to the industry and tailored to the audience of this magazine, specifically: macro-economy, oil dy- namics, China factor, cybersecurity, and grand challenges in technology and the path forward. Each of these areas will be highlighted, but more detailed discussions will be addressed in my future publications and speeches. Global economic Outlook It is certainly not an easy time to look into the economic crystal ball, especially from a non-economist's perspective. Geopolitical risks have risen and show no signs of abating. On top of the continuing low commodity prices, additional market trends—dropping oil prices and the rising dollar—are setting in, which may have ripple effects on the global economy. Chi- na's slowdown relative to the last 25 years of fast-track growth manifests the power of a basic

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