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46 The PCB Design Magazine • July 2015 STACkUP PLANNING, PART 2 continues Barry Olney is managing director of in-Circuit Design Pty Ltd (iCD), australia. The compa- ny developed the iCD Stackup Planner and iCD PDn Planner software, is a PCB Design Service Bureau and specializes in board level simulation. To read past columns, or to contact olney, click here. beyond design References 1. Barry Olney Beyond Design columns: Ma- terial Selection for SERDES Design, Material Se- lection for Digital Design, The Perfect Stackup for High-Speed Design, and Embedded Signal Routing. 2. Henry Ott: Electromagnetic Compatibil- ity Engineering. 3. The ICD Stackup and PDN Planner, visit Figure 8: PDn analysis of the six-layer isola 370hR stackup with decoupling. South Korean researchers at the Center for Self-assembly and Complexity, institute for Basic Science, have created a new lithion ion battery from a porous solid which great- ly improves its performance. The new battery is built from pumpkin- shaped molecules called cucurbit[6]uril (CB[6]) which are organized in a honey- comb-like structure. what makes this new technique exciting is that it is a new method of preparing a solid lithium electrolyte which starts as a liq- uid, but no post-synthetic modification or chemical treatment is needed. New Lithium Ion Battery is Safer, Tougher, and More Powerful

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