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July 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 61 The PCB CAM system typically performs the following steps (Figure 4): • Input digital data (Gerber, Excellon, etc.) • Reconstruct a physical model of the PCB. This may require the manual addition of information that has been "lost in translation." • Check for errors and if necessary communicate with the designer. • Send product information to ERP to support quoting. • Send product information to the engine- ering department who will decide how and on which equipment the PCB will be made, produce the travelers etc. • Optionally tweak the design for DfM and if necessary communicate with the designer. At this stage CAM has a model of the single PCB as it will be delivered. • Create the customer panel (a.k.a. array or shipment panel). THE GERBER GUIDE continues Figure 3: a panel for a prototype PCB. Figure 4: Schematic of the PCB CaM and fabrication process. article

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