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28 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2015 Designers Council Viewpoint: Rick Hartley by Andy Shaughnessy Rick Hartley has been in involved in PCB design and design education for decades, so it's no surprise that he started working with the IPC Designers Council early on. Now retired from his day job at L-3, Rick still teaches PCB design and shows no sign of slowing down. I asked him to discuss his work with the Design - ers Council, and what the group means to the design community. Andy Shaughnessy: how and when did you get involved in the designers council? Rick Hartley: I first learned about the Designers Council at an IPC conference in the early 1990s. Shortly afterward, I was contacted by another central Ohio designer, Candice Antrett, of Bat- telle Research Institute. Candice was also inter- ested in the DC and suggested we collectively start a chapter. Pete Waddell had Printed Circuit Design magazine do a mailing for us to help get the word out, and we have always been grateful for that generous act. We held our first meet- ing at Battelle, and were off and running. Our membership area was mainly Columbus, Day- ton and Cincinnati. Shaughnessy: What are the some of the most im- portant benefits that the designers council offers designers, and the industry? Hartley: For those chapters that are still going strong, the benefits are massive. There is NO for- mal education in PCB design. For the most part, colleges do not teach the profession. Some col- leges barely even mention the existence of PC boards, much less tell their students anything meaningful. IPC and the active DC chapters are doing a wonderful job of training the industry feature interview Rick Hartley

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