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32 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2015 Designers Council Viewpoint: Mike Creeden by Andy Shaughnessy When covering the IPC Designers Coun- cil, one quickly learns that it's the volunteers who make the train run on time. San Diego PCB CEO Mike Creeden, CID+, is one such volunteer, and as a member of the Designers Council's Executive Board, he was a must-have for this issue. I tracked him down and asked him to give us a rundown of his involvement with the DC, and to explain why designers might want to get involved with their local DC chapters. Andy Shaughnessy: how and when did you get involved in the designers council? Mike Creeden: Around1993, I was presented by a fellow designer an invitation to attend a new meeting called the "IPC Designers Coun- cil," which was being held at Qualcomm. I had known of IPC for most of my career of 17 years, but I did not know anything about a Designers Council. So, being curious by nature, I attended this meeting and immediately saw several fel- low designers I was well acquainted with, and then I met several new people whom I still see to this day. There was some good food and it was an event outside of work, so I really started to enjoy the meeting. What came next was profound. I was exposed to IPC standards and the value they brought to my designs, my company and ultimately my ca- reer! I saw that the charter of these meeting was to bring this education out to the designer in the workplace as a form of education. So being the naïve person I am, I asked, "What are we doing to get this message out there to those that don't know about this Designers Council chap- ter?" The response was simple. "What do you think we should do and how would you like to go about it?" I was nominated as the Education board member and had the privilege to serve for several years. Shaughnessy: What do you think are the most im- portant benefits that the designers council offers designers and the industry? Creeden: The Designers Council is a multifac- eted organization and as such has been several different things to me over the years. I assume this must be true for other people as well. The primary benefit that the DC brings is improve- feature interview

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