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60 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2015 products. A low-flow prepreg is a prepreg that flows sufficiently to wet out and adhere to bond- ing surfaces and to fill inner layer copper details, but does not flow so much as to fill in cut-out areas in a heat sink or run unevenly out of the interface between rigid and flexible elements of a rigid-flex PWB. Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time in the PCB Design Process Martin Cotton of ventec explains why the right decisions are not always the easiest decisions, but making them well and as early as possible often avoids errors and addition costs. This is certainly the case in PCB design and a key decision influenc - ing the design process and the eventual outcome is the selection of material and of the materials vendor. Nick Barbin: From Designer to EMS Company owner Many PCB designers would rather do just about anything than pore over a P&l spreadsheet. But Nick Barbin isn't a typical designer. He co-founded the design bureau op- timum Design Associates over two decades ago, and the company later expanded into contract manufacturing and lean processes. I caught up with Nick recently and asked him how he wound up leading an eMS company on the Inc. 5000 list. Broadcom PCB Design: Miniaturization on the Cutting Edge Andy Shaughnessy recently attend- ed the orange County Designer's Council "lunch and learn" meet- ing, held at the Broadcom offices on the campus of the university of California, Irvine. Afterward, he sat down with Scott Davis, CID, the senior man- ager of PC board design at Broadcom, to discuss the company's savvy PCB design department and their approach to PCB design. EchoStar's Les Beller Shares the PCB Design-to-Fab Process Recently, Barry Matties had the op- portunity to meet and interview les Beller of echoStar Technologies. In this interview, Beller focuses on the many challenges circuit board de- signers face, strategies for bridging the gap between circuit design and fabrication, and the future of circuit designers. Beyond Design: The Plain Truth About Plane Jumpers Moats, islands, cut-outs in the ground plane, isolated power planes, floating ground regions, and a host of other intricate lay- out techniques are often used by PCB designers to reduce crosstalk, eMI, and to otherwise improve overall system per- formance. But a high-speed signal crossing a split in the plane causes problems along at least three dimensions, including signal quality, crosstalk, and eMI. Barry olney explains. Cadence's Brad Griffin Digs Deep Into DDR Guest editor Kelly Dack stopped by the Cadence Design Systems booth at DesignCon 2015, where he sat down with Product Marketing Man- ager Brad Griffin to discuss Cadence's advanced PCB design and signal in- tegrity tools, and the company's focus on DDR. Trending at Freedom CAD: New Crop of Next-Gen Designers Scott McCurdy, director of sales and marketing at Freedom CAD Services, expresses his vision for what North America is bringing to the table in the world of circuit design. I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties and McCurdy also discuss China, trends in product design, tools, and more. Material Witness: Low-Flow Prepregs— Defining the Process let's try to define "low flow" in terms that will make sense to both suppliers and users of the 60 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2015

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