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December 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 77 5 Arlon's John Wright Discusses New High- Performance Materials During productronica, european editor Pete Star- key interviewed engineering/Quality Manager John Wright of Arlon. They discussed Arlon's new 85HP ceramic-filled polyimide, as well as a non- woven aramid material, suitable for space applica- tions, that is a drop-in replacement for a similar material discontinued by a competitor in 2006. 6 Good in, Good out: Bay Area Circuits Discusses Data Strategies A lot of companies talk about the importance of good data management. Then there are compa- nies like fabricator Bay Area Circuits. I recently sat down with Bay Area Circuits President Stephen Garcia and Coo Brian Paper to discuss how au- tomating and upgrading their data systems has significantly cut down overall process time, as well as their drive to educate young PCB designers and actively promote the industry to the emerging electronics industry workforce. 7 zuken Innovation World 2016 Submission Deadline Draws Near Time's running out to submit your presentation for zuken Innovation World 2016, to be held April 18-20, 2016 in San Diego. This year's theme is zuken university, with a shift toward classroom- style interactive sessions with smaller audiences. A session can range from design tutorials to emerging trends. Please submit your session topic today, before time runs out. 8 Beyond Design: Stackup Planning, Part 4 In this final part of the Stackup Planning series, I will look at 10-plus layer counts. The methodology I have set out in previous columns can be used to construct higher layer-count boards. In general, these boards contain more planes and therefore the issues associated with split power planes can usually be avoided. Also, 10-plus layers require very thin dielectrics in order to reduce the total board thickness. 9 on Scene: ICT Darlington Seminar, 24 November 2015 Darlington, in the northeast of england, has be- come an established venue for the Institute of Cir- cuit Technology's annual Northern Seminar, a not- to-be-missed opportunity for the uK's PCB technol- ogists to keep abreast with current developments and to network and exchange ideas and experi- ences with their peers. Coordinated by ICT techni- cal director Bill Wilkie, and generously supported by Merlin PCB Group, the programme consisted of papers on funded projects and project funding, and updates on chemical process technology. J Mentor Debuts Multi-Discipline Systems Engineering Tools for the Transportation Market Mentor Graphics Corporation has launched new tools delivering integrated electrical/electronic/ software systems engineering capability for the transportation market. The new CapitalSystems tools allow implementations to be optimized for key parameters such as cost and weight. for the latest circuit design news and information— anywhere, anytime. December 2015 • The PCB Design Magazine 77

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