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March 2016 • SMT Magazine 59 In the next column, we will discuss selective solder machines. SmT robert Voigt is VP of global sales at DDM Novastar Inc. To reach Voigt, click here. A portable and low-cost diag- nostic device has been developed at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de lausanne (EPFl). This new micro- fluidic tool, which has been tested with Ebola, requires no bulky equip- ment, and thus is suitable for use in remote regions. Developed at the laboratory of Biological Net- work Characterization (lBNC) and headed by Se- bastian Maerkl, the new microfluidic platform, which is composed of both analog and digital de- tection mechanisms, runs on battery power and is completely self-sustained. It operates seamlessly with inexpensive microscopes and provides very high levels of accu- racy and detection. The platform, which is described in a recent ACS Nano article, can quantify up to 16 different molecules – or biomarkers – in less than 0.005 milliliters of blood. "The platform will lead the development of new kinds of tests to meet the increasing demand for on-site diagnostic testing. It will prove very useful for medical staff working in resource-limited regions," said said Francesco Piraino, the article's lead author. Portable Device for Rapid and Highly Sensitive Diagnostics SElECtIng a wavE SoldErIng SyStEM, Part 4 tenance by facilitating the removal and clean- ing of the pot, which should be done weekly to remove solder dross in a typical production environment. • Pros: Simplifies cleaning and maintenance, reduces opportunity for injury • Cons: May add $2,500 to a large wave solder machine with a heavy solder pot Pc Interface This feature connects your wave solder sys- tem to a PC or networked computer to enable fault monitoring or data logging for QC pur- poses, or to allow the user to connect to the ma- chine for remote control. • Pros: A data logging interface is important for ISO certification and record-keeping • Cost: Will range from $1,500–$3,500 check references Remember to consult a variety of machine providers, talk to the manufacturers themselves if possible, and get references to contact before making a purchase. An important consideration for a complex machine such as a wave soldering system and associated options is factory sup- port, specifically training, software, upgrades and spare parts. Figure 4: rollout solder pot.

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