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SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 I I-CONNECT007 57 Goldman: Would you like to include a few words regarding the future of your company and/or the electronics industry? Boyle: We believe that future defense electron- ics will continue to evolve toward a combina- tion of software defined and hardware enabled. We are actively developing future electronic capabilities that blend the power of hardware and information processing. Our unique expe- rience with microelectronic design coupled with our knowledge of information and soft- ware puts Northrop Grumman in a great posi- tion for the future. Goldman: Thank you for your time and con- gratulations again on this most prestigious and deserved award for your company. Boyle: You are welcome. Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award: Rockwell Collins Accepting the IPC Stan Plzak Corporate Rec- ognition Award for Rockwell Collins was Rich- ard (Rick) Twedt, director of engineering. He also answered my questions. Patty Goldman: Congratulations on receiving this award. Please describe your company and its role in the electronics industry. Rick Twedt: We are a leader in aviation and high-integrity solutions for commercial and military customers around the world. This may encompass helping pilots safely and reliably navigate to the far corners of the earth; keep warfighters aware and informed in battle; deliver millions of messages for air- lines and airports; and help passengers stay connected and comfortable throughout their journey. We are experts in flight deck avionics, cabin electronics, cabin interiors, information management, mission communications, and simulation and training. Goldman: How many years has your company been an IPC member? Twedt: Rockwell Collins has been an IPC mem- ber since 1965. Goldman: What do you see as the main advan- tages for your company, regarding member- ship in IPC? Twedt: Our chief assets are our people. Par- ticipation in the IPC allows our business and technical people to grow and become techni- cally more adept in their fields of expertise. We consider it to be a wise investment. Goldman: I'm sure there have been any number of employees involved in committee activity at IPC meetings; what do you see as the benefits of this involvement? Twedt: Over the years, Rockwell Collins has had hundreds of our personnel as active par- ticipants and leaders in the standards develop- ment committees. As stated before, this is an investment for us. In the normal give and take of the standards development process, our peo- ple are interacting with their counterparts from other companies and in other industry seg- ments. In debating what parameters are impor- tant or not, and how to monitor such param- eters, our people quickly learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, to determine what Richard Twedt, Rockwell Collins

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