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56 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2018 istrtion's plan to impose higher tariffs on goods imported from China could harm many small- and medium-sized U.S. electronics manufacturers that rely on Chinese materials, components and equipment to produce their products. Combining Strengths Synergistically: PDS and Green Circuits E Power Design Services (PDS) and Green Cir- cuits have just announced their merger. I-Con- nect007 Publisher Barry Matties recently sat down with Joe O'Neil and Matthew Becker of PDS, along with Ted Park of Green Circuits, to get the full scoop. ACT Completes Acquisition of ECT E Additive Circuits Technologies LLC (ACT) is pleased to announce the conclusion of a cor- porate reorganization and the incorporation of assets acquired from EarthOne Circuit Tech- nologies (ECT) and technology advancements for Autonomous Vehicles. Solar UAV to be Developed with the Potential to Stay Airborne for a Year E A new solar electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which has the potential to fly for up to a year before needing maintenance, has become a step closer to reality following a new agreement between two cutting-edge British companies, BAE Systems and Prismatic. Lasers in Space: Earth Mission Tests New Technology E Imagine standing on the roof of a building in Los Angeles and trying to point a laser so accu- rately that you could hit a specific building in San Diego, more than 100 miles (160 kilome- ters) away. It's Only Common Sense: Finally, State Dept Shows its Teeth on ITAR E A good friend of mine sent me this article he received in an email from the law firm of Wil- liams Mullins. Read it and weep, ITAR offend- ers! Law-abiding companies, rejoice. Testing Todd: AVI—Your Tireless Friend in Final Inspection E The "automation vs. human" debate continues. There are experts with many years of experi- ence performing final inspection with precise detail. This is not debated. However, circum- stances change with unpredictable results. Triangle Labs: Covering the Niche Market of Large Boards E I recently had the opportunity to speak with John-Michael Gray, president of Triangle Labs. We had quite a discussion on their rather unique capability of building large-format PCBs and multilayers—perhaps the largest PCBs in the world. Tariffs on China Could Harm U.S. Electronics Companies E IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries today warned that the Trump admin- MilAero Highlights

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