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30 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2019 high-temperature composites and/or signifi- cantly shortened lamination cycles. Technology Description The InduBond lamination press utilizes a unique and novel way to produce the neces- sary heat to cure the laminates and multilay- ers—electromagnetic inductance. The stan- dard and well-known press methods use one of the following technologies to generate the necessary thermal energy: • Heating thermal oil and pumping it through a press platen • Electrical heaters located right at the press platen • A steam system through the press platens All of these well-known systems heat the large thermal mass of the platens. The heat is then transferred to the panels being laminated via conductivity through the resin materials (i.e., the multilayer books to be laminated). The novelty of this new technology, however, is that the thermal energy (heat) to cure the resin composites is produced directly at each of the stainless-steel separator plates that are be - tween each multilayer panel in the press stacks. This thermal energy is transferred at the same time—with the same temperature magnitude and without any thermal conduction delays— to every panel of the lamination press stack. As the energy is induced very homogenously, the heat distribution has the highest uniformity possible in every position and direction of the press stack (X-, Y-, and Z-axes). Therefore, all of the layers of laminates inside the press reach the same temperature at the same time; there are no thermal transfer delays. To make this possible, the laws of magnetism are used to induce high electrical currents that are transformed into thermal energy right at the material requiring polymerization. Because the heat is produced only at each stainless- steel separator plate of the stack, the technol- ogy can achieve extremely high temperatures and very rapid ramp-up rates with very high energy efficiency. Principle of Functioning Magnetism is a very complex branch of physics since it cannot be fully explained by postulates of classical mechanics. For that rea- son, a very simple and visual explanation is used to introduce the principle of functioning of the InduBond electromagnetic inductance technology. Electromagnetism is generated when elec- tric currents move with uniform speed through an electrical coil, as defined by the Biot-Savart Law [1] (Figure 1). A magnetic field generated on the inside of the coil and looping around the coil perpendicular to the current in the coil is associated with the electric current in the coil (Figure 2). Figure 1: Electric coil. Figure 2: Magnetic field lines produced by the electric coil.

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