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OCTOBER 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 45 An effective self-validation program reporting to the TRB shows that the manufacturer has taken responsibility for its own system and is key to the reduction in qualifying activity oversight. This must be completed before the qualification activity will begin the certifica- tion process. Any discrepancies found must be corrected and implemented before certification can begin. Certification Process Terms 1. Technical Review Board (TRB): The manufac- turer forms a team of in-house experts to make decisions regarding printed board acceptability and certification. This time-saving step reduc- es costs and lead times by reducing the DoD approval process. 2. Process Flow: A process flow is a sequential list of all processes required to build printed boards from the time the order is taken to the time the product is shipped. This may include flow charts, production travelers, or any oth- er means of documenting the flow. The flow must include any possible processes to be used for QML product, including rework steps, key process monitors, and contract services. Pro- cedure numbers, process procedures, or other references for each step must be identified. GLOSSARY • Add-on Qualification: The use of the qualification process to add new technologies to the QML. • Capability Verification Inspection (CVI): Scheduled periodic (every two years) process of demonstrating the ability to adhere to current qualified technologies. • Certification: Qualification of products and audited quality systems in the specification. • Certified Process Flow: The process sequence used for qualified products. • DLA: The Defense Logistics Agency in Columbus, Ohio, USA. • Gage Code: A unique number assigned by SAM for the site; must be marked on all MIL-PRF-31032 products. • Initial Qualification Test Plan: A qualification test plan lists the capabilities that the manufacturer desires to qualify and describes how the manufacturer will demonstrate its ability to meet MIL-PRF-31032. • Letter of Certification: Sent by the DLA at the conclusion of the validation process. • Lot Conformance Inspection: In-process inspection of MIL-PRF-31032 products. • Pre-Validation: The manufacturer notifies the qualifying activity (DLA) of its intent to pursue qualification to MIL-PRF-31032. • P/PRF: Performance specification. • Percent Defective Allowance (PDA): Maximum lot percent defective, which will permit the lot to be accepted after final inspection, test, or microsection . • Periodic Conformance Inspection (PCI): Monthly or annual testing required by technology to sustain qualification status. • Process Flow: A sequential list/diagram of all processes required to build printed boards from the time the order is taken to the time the product is shipped. • QM Program: The TRB's administrative procedures for the interpretation of MIL-PRF-31032. • QM/QMP: Quality management plan (documentation that defines MIL-PRF-31032 systems for the facility). • QML Listing: QML managed by the DLA. • QML Certification Brand: "QML" or "Q" is marked on qualified PWBs. • Qualification Activity: Communicating with the DLA. • Qualification Testing: Qualification inspection/testing (rework simulation, thermal shock, etc.) must be performed at a lab acceptable to DSCC. • Revalidation Survey: Periodic audit by DSCC to validate the implementation of the QM program and records. • Specification Sheets: Military specifications that supplement the base document and contain detailed performance requirements for specific printed board technologies. • Self-validation: Internal audit to MIL-PRF-31032 done in-house to determine compliance to the QM plan. • Technical Review Board (TRB): The team that manages all the requirements and maintains certification and keeps the qualifying activity informed on the status of the QMP. • Test Optimization: Any test or verification may be reduced or eliminated by the TRB. • Validation: DSCC audit to determine if the QM program is being implemented in accordance with the QM plan.

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