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98 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2020 non-traditional materials, and thick-film print- ing is very suitable. The screen-printing pro- cess can increase up to 1000 mm x 1500 mm, and an even larger circuit sizes are possible as long as the screen is available. Another advantage of thick-film technol- ogy is the availability of functional materials. Various devices—such as flexible sensors, flex- ible ELs, photovoltaic cells, and switches—are built with a simple process using appropriate inks. The thick-film process does not generate any chemical waste; thus, the manufacturing is very cost-effective. Thick-film circuits have conductivity and silver atom migration issues. Advancements have improved over the last few years, but the conductivity from a silver ink circuit is at least two orders smaller as compared to copper foil circuits. Applications may be limited. With thick-film flexible circuits, advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Applications continue to expand, and a printable process is an excellent option for flexible electronics. Technological collaborations will create more opportunities for flexible circuits. FLEX007 Dominique K. Numakura is the managing director of DKN Research LLC. Contact for further information and news. Ynvisible Interactive Inc. has announced the first com- mercial delivery of wholly customized roll-to-roll printed segment displays to Pickletech, LLC, a technology com- pany providing portable scoreboards for use in Pickleball tournaments and events. A proprietary mobile applica- tion remotely operates the highly visible display in both indoor and outdoor applications. The successful delivery to Pickletech is the largest roll-to-roll display production order by size to date from Ynvisible's production facilities in Linköping, Sweden. "We are excited about this delivery to Pickletech as the displays are used in real-life situations where large audiences will see the displays in use. This is an accom- plishment of our prototyping services and the success- ful transition to large area roll-to-roll production of elec- trochromic displays. We can make displays completely customizable to a client's needs and deliver in increasing volumes. We are thrilled with yet another client success," said Tommy Hoglund, Ynvisible'sVice President of Sales and Marketing. "Ynvisible's technology has allowed us to have custom displays specific to our needs that are 7x larger than our previous design and cost savings of 60% over the previ- ous, smaller displays. That unit cost savings includes full design, prototyping, and a modest initial production run. The operation of the displays is also much more visually appealing compared to ePaper. The transition from one number to the next is smooth without the flashing/blink- ing associated withePaper technology. Lastly, the driver interface for the displays was much simpler than the ePaper displays. This allowed us to further reduce costs by simplifying the design of the other electronics needed to operate the scoreboard," said Jarick Rager, owner of Pickletech. (Source: Ynvisible Interactive) Ynvisible Delivers Roll-to-Roll Printed Scoreboard Displays to Pickletech

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