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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 Because of the committee format, the global, business, and personal perspectives are very diverse. More than 20 countries are currently involved in developing and review- ing standards with contributors ranging from large multi-nationals and government agen- cies to small businesses. Members range from emerging engineers who are just starting out in their careers, to those nearing retirement with vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to pass on. I believe the committee structure really shines as we are constantly striving to produce the best possible version of the standard and ensure consensus for best practices in each review cycle—currently every three years—for the industry. During the review cycle, users of the standard can submit comments on the doc- ument content which are then debated by the committee. e committee has A-Teams and Working Groups that the leaders can delegate to; these groups have members with relevant expertise to review particular areas of the document or individual comments. is gives us a two-fold bonus of having knowledgeable participants provide feedback and frequently passing on information to someone who may not know as much in that area but is keen to develop the best possible document for the industry. However, we have publication deadlines to meet so the leadership team ensures contri- butions and feedback are timely whilst giving each comment due consideration. is pro- cess can lead to personal time management issues where I am juggling my IPC commit- tee contributions, leadership responsibilities, and my own role as a production engineer with CIL. From a company point of view, my involve- ment with IPC has given Custom Interconnect Ltd. a global voice, and an insight into devel- opments and innovations within the electron- ics industry, particularly in the BEV automo- tive sector. It also allows the company to be proactive with its customers when advising on the use of relevant IPC standards within their manufacturing documentation and require- ments to ensure it is up to date and using best practices. I have gained so much insight and knowl- edge from the fantastic sharing of ideas from different company structures and off-the- record knowledge. Examples are personal anecdotes, historical viewpoints from peo- ple who developed the original standards, and their motivation and reasons for the need for those original standards, to the introduction of new technologies and working practices. A real highlight is that moment when your line manager asks, "Do you know about ….," and I can say, "No, but I know a committee partici- pant who does!" I have made many new professional and per- sonal contacts by meeting and corresponding with people whom I would not have encoun- tered otherwise. I have also had the oppor- tunity to travel to new countries. ese con- nections inspire me to guide and mentor the next generation not only within my current employer but also within the committee struc- ture, bringing it full circle to where I started my IPC journey. SMT007 Symon Franklin is a production engineer at Custom Interconnect Ltd. Members range from emerging engineers who are just starting out in their careers, to those nearing retirement with vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to pass on.

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