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MAY 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 9 Nolan Johnson is managing editor of SMT007 Magazine. Nolan brings 30 years of career experience focused almost entirely on electronics design and manufacturing. To contact Johnson, click here. small community, or possibly even as a board of directors for an organization. I turned to Quora and read through some thoughtful discussions by legal and govern- mental professionals. What I gathered is that: • Members of a committee are "drawn" from among a larger body, entrusted with a larger job • Commission members are more likely to be "appointed" from the outside • A council is likely to be an elected body Committee work (I'm including councils and commissions under this umbrella term) takes place at all levels, and in multiple orga- nizations within our industry. at said, a cen- tral hub for [self ] regulation and [self ] legisla- tion within our industry has been IPC. Over the years IPC has spearheaded the creation of standards, handbooks, training, and guidance. IPC has advocated for the industry worldwide and led in bringing the industry's competi- tors together for a larger purpose: making the world better through technology. To that end, IPC fields an army of 3,000 volunteers, staffing approximately 135 different committees, task groups and teams which are working from all parts of the globe. In this important issue, we strive to raise the awareness of the work of these volunteers on IPC committees and the value they bring to the industry. We bring you status reports from key committees, along with trends the committees are identifying, and a historical perspective of past achievements. To accomplish this goal, we talk with IPC about the purposes, roles, and organization of all 135 or so committee-type teams currently in process. We examine how committees come into being, and how they are organized into a larger strategic vision. We talk to IPC's techni- cal directors whose job it is to guide the com- mittee processes. We catch up with some of the newest committee leadership, and we also look back at IPC's earlier beginnings as a reminder of how far the industry has come. It is also important to note that our cur- rent COVID pandemic has fundamentally reshaped how the committee process works. Whether intentional or not, this is a time of transition for how committees function within IPC. I'm referring, of course, to digi- tal/virtual meetings in lieu of and in addition to in-person gatherings. It's my opinion that it's too soon to tell, but all indicators would suggest that IPC's methods have become more creative and flexible through this pro- cess. See what you think aer you've read the articles and interviews. Keeping technical, we also proudly bring you an interview with Miles Moreau, discuss- ing the work currently ongoing at KIC; new materials work in thermal management at Ais- malibar; the launch of a new Ron Lasky series on continuous improvement; and submissions from our regular columnists, Bob Wettermann and Sagi Reuven. As I think about the role played by the var- ious committees at IPC, it becomes increas- ingly clear how similar the authority, objec- tives, mission, and work methods run parallel to most any other consensus-based legislative body. Even without a desire to make a career out of politics, my civics class finds a practi- cal application. If you are interested in learning more about joining a committee, click here. We hope you find this issue as enlightening as we did. And, in the spirit of our emphasis on continuous improvement, we welcome you to share your stories. I would love to hear from you. SMT007 References 1. Committees and Commissions: What's the Dif- ference, National Conference of State Legislatures.

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