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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 Each year, IPC APEX EXPO features indus- try's most dynamic, innovative minds to de- liver keynote presentations that are both ed- ucational and entertaining. IPC APEX EXPO 2022 will feature New York Times columnist, Emmy-winning CBS Sunday Morning con- tributor, and NOVA host David Pogue. Dur- ing his keynote on January 25, Pogue will pres- ent, "Disruptive Tech: How It Will Affect Your Business and What's Coming by 2026." In his keynote, Pogue will cover several dis- ruptive technologies from the "quantification of self " movement, augmented reality, wear- ables, autonomous cars, drones, the Internet of ings, and what he calls "World 2.0." Drones and robotics, AI, self-driving cars, employee-less stores, flying taxis, wearable medical sensors, soware, and components are accelerating the arrival of new consumer technologies—and with them, changes to soci- ety and culture. With 30 years of experience re- porting technology trends—and the entertain- ing style that has earned him six Emmys for his CBS Sunday Morning stories—Pogue will take his audience on a wild ride through the cut- ting-edge science and technology that is pow- ering a next wave of technological innovation. His funny, fast-paced snapshot will bring ev- eryone up to date—with a heads-up on how to succeed in a world we've never seen before. "With broad appeal to general, business, healthcare, and tech audiences alike, David will bring his expansive knowledge, engaging wit, and perhaps a song or two to the APEX EXPO keynote stage," said Alicia Balonek, IPC senior director of trade shows and events. "e audi- Keynotes Educate and Entertain ences will leave as informed as they are enter- tained, with an enlightened perspective of the state of technology today and how it's shaping everyone's tomorrow." Pogue's keynote is free to all IPC APEX EXPO participants. In addition to Pogue's key- note, John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO, will deliver a keynote on Wednesday, January 26. Drawing on insights gleaned from indus- try leaders and IPC research, Mitchell will as- sess the state of electronics manufacturing and identify the trends that will define the indus- try's financial growth and technological prog- ress in 2022 and beyond. His keynote presenta- tion will touch on the topics that are the focus of boardrooms and shop floors: factory mod- ernization, supply chain resiliency, workforce demands, and environmental stewardship. Be sure to attend to learn more about how to navi- gate your organization to success in today's dy- namic global marketplace. SMT007 Meetings and courses will run January 22–27; the technical conference and exhibition will run January 25–27. For more information on schedule and regis- tration options, visit David Pogue

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