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88 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2022 Hundreds of experts from around the world will discuss electronics manufacturing standards in more than 80 standards meetings May 7–12, at IPC SummerCom 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Facilitated by representatives from OEMs, PCB manufacturers, EMS providers, design firms, and other organizations, IPC standards development committees establish benchmarks for excellence in electronics manufacturing. According to David Bergman, IPC vice president of standards and technology, industry standards enable companies to negotiate commerce and they contrib- ute directly to the success of the industry as a whole. Standards development committee meetings will cover industry benchmarks in assembly and join- remains electrically insulative in hot humid conditions • Volume resistivity before and aer immersion in water and salt water to ensure the bulk material remains electrically insulative in underwater applications • ermal shock testing at -40°C to +85°C for plastic housing and -40°C to +125°C for galvanised steel housing, to monitor for any cracks or loss of adhesion in this accel- erated life test • 1,000-hour thermal ageing was performed on type IV specimens in accordance with ASTM D638 • e tensile strength and elongation were measured before and aer high tempera- ture exposure for 100, 500, and 1000 hours to monitor the consistency in physical performance with long term exposure to high temperatures, to determine the maximum operating temperature Numerous accelerated life tests have been performed to evaluate the performance of novel bio-based materials alongside commer- cially available resins derived from crude oil and mineral rock powders. Comparison of data concludes that "going green" can deliver per- formance advantages in underwater applica- tions as well as hot and humid operating envi- ronments. Resins play an integral part in ensuring that an electronics product can survive for at least its design life, and oen well beyond. Be it chemical, physical, or thermal, whatever the conditions, there is a resin system that can be found or developed to provide the protection required. I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the benefits of bio-based resins and what they can bring to your applications. Over the coming months I hope to provide more use- ful tips and design advice that will help make life a bit easier for those who are responsible for making the decisions on protecting compo- nents and circuitry. Watch for my next column, where I will be exploring resin systems in more detail. DESIGN007 Beth Turner is head of encapsu- lation resins at Electrolube. To read past columns from Elec- trolube, click here. Download your free copy of Electrol- ube's book, The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Confor- mal Coatings for Harsh Environments, and watch the micro webinar series "Coatings Uncoated!" ing; assembly equipment, base materials; cleaning and coating; electronic documentation technol- ogy; electronic product data description; embed- ded devices; environment, health and safety; fab- rication processes; flexible and rigid-flex printed boards; high speed/high-frequency interconnec- tion; management; packaged electronics compo- nents; printed board design, printed electronics; process control; product assurance; product reli- ability; rigid printed boards; terms and definitions; testing; and wearable electronics/e-textiles. This year, IPC SummerCom will be co-located with the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE) at the Wisconsin Center. (Source: IPC) Helping the World Build Electronics Better

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