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JANUARY 2023 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 97 Create Long and Strong Partnerships Partnership is a word oen used in business rela- tionships but a true partnership is built on trust and visibility. e investment of our people's time and effort has provided us with the privi- lege to share in true partnerships with our sup- pliers and customers. True partnerships with- stand tough times from either side of the part- nership and when the challenges arise, a True partnership comes alive. Low Risk of Interruption of Support Downtime in this environment is extremely cost- ly and finding technical support when you need it is critical to any manufacturing business. Work- ing with supply partners to help develop inno- vative programs and methods for responding to issues is important. Making sound decisions on where our supply partners are located allows us to minimize the risk of interruption caused by geopolitical concerns. Visibility Into Local and OEM Parts Inventory ere is nothing more important than having 24/7 visibility to spare parts inventory. Work- ing with a supplier that carries a large invento- ry of spare parts is essential in eliminating down time. Having ongoing dialogue between all par- ties to match inventories of critical spare parts is important part of a partnership. Constantly Advancing Quality and Technology R&D is key to maintaining your competitive ad- vantage. It improves your quality, capability, and market growth opportunities. Suppliers that are committed to working with us and our custom- ers towards advancement and improvement is essential to the future of our businesses. Service Staff with Product, Process and Application Experience ere is no substitute for experience when it comes to a service team. Make sure your sup- pliers are providing you with expert knowledge that you can trust and rely on. ——————————— About Technica Since 1985, Technica, U.S.A. has been pro- viding the electronics marketplace with inno- vative products manufactured by the world's leading suppliers that provide our customers with technological advantages for producing complex electronic products. 1 2 4 5 3 Find us online at: technica.com

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