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104 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2024 New! Low Temperature Soldering, Volume 2 by Morgana Ribas, Ph.D., et al., MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Since the first volume of The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to...™ Low-temperature Sol- dering was published over five years ago, considerable changes have occurred in the low- temperature soldering landscape. Here, the authors review the evolution of solder alloys from traditional eutectic SnBi solder to the fourth-generation HRL3 low-temperature sol- ders. Read about innovations and challenges for achieving optimal processing with low- temp solder pastes, as well as what's next in LTS. New! Factory Analytics: Unlocking Efficiency Through Data Insights by Julie Cliche-Dubois, Cogiscan Using and understanding factory analytics is the future for electronics manufacturers. Those who strategically prioritize analytics and properly leverage the insights generat- ed throughout their entire operation systematically will stand the test of time. In this fast- changing, deeply competitive, and margin-tight industry, factory analytics can be the key to unlocking untapped improvements to guarantee a thriving business. New! Encapsulating Sustainability for Electronics by Beth Turner, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions This is a guide to encapsulation resins and their use in ruggedizing electronics. Learn about aspects such as their chemistry, application, and relevant test methods in different industries. The book also discusses the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the market and highlights examples of bio-based resins and the demand from emerging technologies. Process Control by Chris Hunt and Graham K. Naisbitt, GEN3 In this book, the authors examine the role of SEC test and how it is used in maintaining process control and support for objective evidence (OE.) Issues, including solution choices, solution sensitivities, and test duration are explored. Manufacturing Driven Design by Max Clark, Siemens This book introduces a new process workflow for optimizing your design called Manufac- turing Driven Design (MDD) and is a distinct evolution from DFM. Manufacturing certainly plays a critical role in this process change, and manufacturers do certainly benefit from the improved process, but it is design teams that ultimately own their overall product workflow; they are the ones who need to drive this shift. Get empowered now! PODCAST! Designing for Reality with ASC Sunstone In Season 2, listeners can expect in-depth conversations with VP/manager and published author Matt Stevenson about the specifics that can affect your circuit board during the manufacturing process. Part tutorial, part tips and tricks, Stevenson details the interrelationships between design, fabrication, yields and cost optimization. Our library is open 24/7/365. Visit us at:

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