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4 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2024 FEATURE INTERVIEWS Using AI to Redefine Productivity with Amin Arbabian, Anders Holden, Raj Vora, and Luis Vidal Chiplet Architecture for AI Will Create New Demands for Assembly with Arvind Kumar FEATURE ARTICLES Empowering the Smart Factory Era With AI by Joel Scutchfield and Brent Fischthal A Glossary of Artificial Intelligence Terms The Rise of Collaborative Intelligence in Manufacturing by Jennifer Davis FEATURE COLUMN The Transformative Role of AI and ML by Mike Konrad MAY 2024 • FEATURED CONTENT In this issue we examine the profound effect artificial intelligence and machine learning are having on manufacturing and business processes. We follow technology, innovation, and money as automation becomes the new key indicator of growth in our industry. Coming to Terms With AI 10 38 22 28 50 60 10 38 60 50

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