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40 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2024 Feature Interview by Marcy LaRont I-CONNECT007 California-based PCB manufacturer Win- onics has been on a journey to develop addi- tive manufacturing technology that can go the distance. CEO Dennis Brown, Director of Technology Gary Abel, and VP of Operations Sidali Koulougli discuss the company's his- tory, acquisition strategy, and investment in new equipment, as well as highlight their R&D efforts in additive manufacturing. e team's commitment to quality, customer service, and flexibility as a smaller, nimbler company is part of what makes it a go-to PCB manufacturer for the projects that others turn away. Marcy LaRont: Dennis, please start by sharing some history and context to Winonics, espe- cially regarding your involvement in additive manufacturing technology. Dennis Brown: Additive patents were the vehi- cle that started our direction. e investment group that we report to acquired a patent a number of years ago and then looked for a cir- cuit board company to help exploit it, expand the technology, and develop some R&D to the point of production and marketability. In 2019, knowing we needed our own fab, we came across Winonics Brea (Winonics), a 55,000-square-foot facility primarily focused on small, commercial work in rigid boards. It felt like a fit. We liked the property and the assets, even though they were a little dated. It was a good opportunity to get our foot in the door in terms of manufacturing PCBs and exploiting our patent in the additive realm. We acquired them in 2020. About a year later, we acquired Bench2Bench Technologies, an Saying 'Yes' to Additive Technology at Winonics

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