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50 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2024 being able to articulate that [vision] so the people around you can understand it, and get a consen- sus on a common vision. We wanted people that were insanely great at what they did. But were not necessarily those seasoned professionals, but who had, at the tips of their fingers, and in their action, the latest understanding of where tech- nology was, and what we could do with that technology." Navigating Successfully To effectively navigate this complex busi- ness environment, companies should employ a dual focus: filter out the noise and concentrate on what truly drives their strategic objectives forward. is involves staying informed about industry trends and technological advance- ments while critically analyzing how these fac- tors align with their business model. Leadership plays a pivotal role in this pro- cess. It requires a blend of visionary thinking to anticipate and shape future trends and prag- matic management to steer the organization through immediate challenges. In conclusion, the key to thriving in today's dynamic business landscape lies in discerning which elements are merely distractions and which are critical to your company's growth and stability. By focusing on technological adapta- tion, cybersecurity, sustainability, employee well-being, and customer engagement, busi- nesses can build a resilient and future-ready foundation. Meanwhile, avoiding the pitfalls of short-sightedness, trend-chasing, uncon- trolled expansion, and micromanagement will ensure that these foundational efforts are not undermined. e businesses that succeed will be those that understand these distinctions and navigate their path forward with a clear and focused strategy. SMT007 Mike Konrad is founder and CEO of Aqueous Technologies, and vice president of commu- nications for SMTA. To read past columns, click here. Path to Powerful Quantum Computers Research- ers at the Universities of Melbourne and Manchester have invented a breakthrough technique for manu- facturing highly purified silicon that brings power- ful quantum computers a big step closer. The new technique to engineer ultra-pure silicon makes it the perfect material to make quantum computers at scale and with high accuracy, the researchers say. Project co-supervisor Professor David Jamieson, from the University of Melbourne, said the innova- tion uses qubits of phosphorous atoms implanted into crystals of pure stable silicon and could over- come a critical barrier to quantum computing by extending the duration of notoriously fragile quan- tum coherence. Quantum bits or qubits—the building blocks of quantum computers—are susceptible to tiny changes in their environment, including temperature fluctuations. E ven w hen o perated i n t ranquil r efrig- erators near absolute zero (minus 273 degrees Cel- sius), current quantum computers can maintain error- free coherence for only a tiny fraction of a second. University of Manchester co-supervisor Professor Richard Curry said ultra-pure silicon allowed con- struction of high-performance qubit devices—a crit- ical component required to pave the way towards scalable quantum computers. (Source: The University of Melbourne) New Super-pure Silicon Chip Opens

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